About Us

The Conflict Resolution Center of Cabarrus County is a not-for-profit community outreach center which provides two vital services, Mediation Center and Teen Court.  Both programs save our community hundreds of thousands of dollars in expense.  Because we assist in minor civil and juvenile cases, the courts are able to focus on more serious matters. 

Those who utilize our mediation services will find that the process takes place in a confidential, neutral and informal setting. A mediator listens to everyone involved, then assists the parties through a structured discussion in order to resolve the differences and come to a mutually-acceptable agreement.  Mediation is the most cost-effective method of conflict resolution!

Teen Court is a ‘hands-on’ opportunity for offenders and volunteers to learn about the legal system.  Youth offenders learn to accept responsibility for their actions and to change their behavior resulting in the potential to develop into community leaders.  Youth volunteers learn the value of community participation.