Mediation Referrals

Who Can Refer Cases?

  • Individuals, Ministers, Human Service Agencies or Counselors 
    • Anyone involved with conflict can contact the Center. If we can be of assistance, we will contact the other party and schedule an appointment. 
  • The District Attorney
    • These cases have not been heard by a judge and all
      parties have agreed to mediation. If the case is
      resolved, the DA will dismiss the charges. If
      unresolved, the case is returned to the court system.
  • Other Attorneys
    • These are cases that can be better settled out of
      court, in a neutral, confidential environment. 
  • Employers
    • Personnel issues many times disrupt the workplace or
      affect performance. Rest assured, confidentiality is
      maintained at all times. 

Mediation is the most cost-effective method of conflict resolution!