Teen Court

Teen Court is a diversion program for first-time misdemeanor offenders which capitalizes on the positive effects of peer pressure.

Except for the judge and facilitators, all participants in the courtroom are teens.  These teens act as clerks, bailiffs, attorneys, and jurors.  They decide how defendants, who are their peers, will be held accountable for their actions. 

The Court can impose fines, community service, counseling, drug testing, and classes.  Teen Court collaborates with several other agencies in Cabarrus County to provide the best possible correction to participating youth and families.  The recidivism rate is less than eight percent!

All participants in Teen Court will be required to honor the confidentiality of the Teen Court proceedings and the names or identities of the youth referred to the Court.   

Teen Court is a hands-on opportunity for students to learn about the legal system while keeping other students from having a permanent criminal record.

To participate volunteers must make a time commitment and attend training.