Teen Court Calendar



This is the schedule for our 2016 court sessions. Court meets on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month. If a holiday falls on a Monday, then court is the 1st and 3rd Monday. Arrival time is 5:30 p.m. The courthouse doors will not open before that time; the front doors are locked at 6:01 p.m. for security purposes.  If you’re a volunteer and cannot attend a session, please call the Teen Court office at (704) 786-1820 and leave a message or by email at ccmctcp@ctc.net Thank you!

Monday, January 11th and 25th   

Monday, February 8th and 22nd  

Monday, March 14th and 28th  

Monday, April 11th and 25th

Monday, May 9th and 23rd

Monday, June 13th and 27th

Monday, July – No Court

Monday, August 8th

Monday, September 12th and 26th

Monday, October 10th and 24th  

Monday, November 14th and 28th  

Monday, December 12th

Monday, December 19th (annual holiday party and recognition for youth volunteers)


This is the schedule for our 2017 court sessions.

Monday, January 9th and 23rd    

Monday, February 13th and 27th        

Monday, March 13th and 27th            

Monday, April 10th and 24th

Monday, May 8th and 22nd   

Monday, June 12th and 26th 

Monday, July – No Court

Monday, August 14th

Monday, September 11th and 25th

Monday, October 9th and 23rd  

Monday, November 13th and 27th

Monday, December 11th

Monday, December 18th (Annual Holiday Party and Recognition for Youth Volunteers)