To Volunteer


Interested in volunteering with Teen Court? We need both adults and teen volunteers!    

Please complete the attached form and fax it to: 704-721-3311

Teen Court Youth Volunteer Application

As a result of thorough training, Teen Court volunteers develop a myriad of skills that will stand them in good stead all of their lives, such as critical thinking and persuasion skills they use to prosecute and defend their peer clients. They also develop problem-solving and peer mediation skills.

Teen Court makes civic education a reality by helping kids see the cause and effect of their actions in the world they inhabit. Teens observe how crime takes away from the community and they learn that they can constructively contribute their time, talent, and energy to give back.

Finally, teens learn important leadership and civic engagement skills that can help them mature into viable community leaders. 

Volunteer Benefits (by Sarah S. Pearson of the American Youth Policy Forum)

  • Learn about their community and its people, processes, and institutions
  • Develop social, political, and analytical skills necessary to participate in community life
  • Understand the value of service for the good of themselves and the community
  • Recognize characteristics and actions of a participating citizen
    Identify and describe their community
  • Know ways that groups and individuals can help solve community problems
  • Develop critical thinking skills and ethical skills for decision-making
    Work cooperatively with others
  • Respect human diversity
  • Develop a sense of personal responsibility as an active citizen
  • Learn that individual rights and freedoms are balanced by responsibilities

Call today to learn more and how YOU can get involved!