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The following are Community Service locations you may contact and ask for volunteer hours. It is completely up to the location if they will permit you to work with them. It is an opportunity to work with an organization, please be respectful and on time for each location.

If you have another location in mind or would like to know if a certain project can count as community service, please email or call your program coordinator to discuss. Thank you.

*Options are available for ages under 15 years old who are having difficulties finding a location due to age restrictions.
**If you are older than 18 years old you must complete community service at a location.
Humane Society of Concord & Greater Cabarrus County

2010 Wilshire Ct. SW

Concord, NC 28025

(704) 784-7387

Age: 16 +

Cabarrus Pet Society

207 S Main St.

Kannapolis, NC 28081

(704) 786-7729

Age: Call & Ask

Princeton's Meow

29 Brookwood Ave NE

Concord, NC 28025

(704) 721-6369

Age: 16 +

Catering to Cats and Dogs

Located in several locations.

You must call and ask for the nearest location you can volunteer at.

(704) 789-1729

*Please leave a voicemail if you are interested with your name and phone number to get a phone call back.

Age: Call & Ask

*You must follow the rules and regulations of any community service option you chose from.
**Read "Community Service Guidelines" to make sure your community service is acceptable. If not in agreement, you will need to re-do. When in doubt, call.
Habitat for Humanity of Cabarrus County

2902 S. Cannon Blvd

Kannapolis, NC 28083

(704) 786-4000

Age: 18+

Meals on Wheels

1701 S Main St.

Kannapolis, NC 28081

(704) 932-3412

Age: 16 +

Shining Hope Farms

3701 Kidd Lane

Charlotte, NC 28216

(704) 827-3788

Age: 13 +

CabarrusArt Council, Inc.

65 Union St. S

Concord, NC 28083

(704) 920-4000

*Usher at the Davis Theater

Age: Call & Ask



  • Go online and look up local food pantries in your area that could use volunteers. A website that can help you search for something available in your area is:

  • Call your local library to see if you could volunteer and organize books or assist in any programs.

  •  Do a project with your Boy/Girl Scout Troop or volunteer work.

  • Help out at your local church/ youth group.

  • Help a neighbor rake leaves, clean up a garden or plant a garden. (You MUST have your parent present or your parent's permission to help a close family neighbor BEFORE helping someone. Your parents MUST know where you are at all times of community service to count.)

  • See if there is an event going on around your city! Maybe a marathon race, kids event, or a local theater that needs volunteers to help them out. Call and ask if you can help for a few hours.

  • Food or Clothes Drive:

    • INSTRUCTIONS: Create a flyer you can pass around your neighborhood or at school. (Remember to ask for permission first). Ask if you can put a cardboard box, decorated for your drive, you can place in a certain area. Have a date on your flyer that says when you will pick up the items.

      • If a FOOD DRIVE: Do NOT take open boxes or badly dented cans. Accept no partially used items; make certain expiration dates are current.

      • If a CLOTHES DRIVE: Make certain that the items are able to be used by someone else. Discard any clothing with holes, rips, tears, or badly stained clothing.

    • COLLECT AND DONATE!!! To a local shelter that accepts food or clothing. Example: Goodwill.

    • Make sure you take pictures of your projects, save a copy of the flyer you created, and receipt of the donation location where you dropped off the clothes/food. Get your hours signed by your parent/guardian who helped you with the project and turn in everything when complete.


If you have any other community service/ volunteer work ideas, are confused about what to do, or can't find a location, please contact your

program coordinator immediately so that we can help you before your next court date or end of your program duration.



  1. Call and/or email location you would like to volunteer at.

  2. Arrange a schedule that would work for you and the location for you to begin community service.

  3. Work the hours needed at the location. Don't forget to get a signature on your Community Service Log from the owner or person in charge of volunteer work at the location. (If you have lost your CS Log, contact your program coordinator for another to fill out)

  4. Attach a business card or brochure/ flyer/ pamphlet/ letter showing the location of where you volunteered at if possible.

  5. Turn in Community Service Log and any extra proof to receive credit for your assignment as soon as completed.


Do NOT wait until the last few days to complete your community service. This is very time consuming and you should find volunteer work you are interested in if at all possible. If community service is part of your requirements, be responsible and treat the location with respect. 

Grow from your experience and keep moving forward.


If you have any other community service/ volunteer work ideas, are confused about what to do, or can't find a location, please contact your

program coordinator immediately so that we can help you before your next court date or end of your program duration.