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community service


Due to the recent changes, we have added 2 new options to give all participants an opportunity to continue working towards a dismissal in their court case or continue completing teen court hours. We ask you to continue to log all your time on your Community Service log sheet that was given to you at the time of your appointment and email them back to us.

If you have any questions or need to email work, please contact your program coordinator directly.

We urge everyone to stay safe outside, wash your hands, and practice social distancing whenever and wherever. Together, we will continue working towards a better tomorrow.


community service options

for our community

community service options

  • Goodwill Collection: Gathering items and clothing from home you can donate to your local charity or Goodwill. Write down what you're donating on your CS Log and take a picture of the receipt they gave you when you donated. You can count up to a max. of 10 hours while collecting, bagging, and donating items to the location.

  • Gardening/ Yard Work: If you live with a parent/guardian you can have them sign off on your community service log. Remember to include their phone number to verify CS. Max. of 8 hours can be reported once.

  • Sewing Masks: We know in these difficult times mask are scarce for many families and first responders. If you have the items and skills to make masks and donate them to local hospitals/clinics/organizations, you may do so. Please read into the proper fabric that is approved and locations that accept mask donations. You will need to take photos of your process and donation receipt if given one. You may count a max. of 15 hours and put the number of masks made in your CS log.

  • Virtual Museum Tour Assignment: Click on two of the following museums and go through it by clicking on the exhibits tab. Write a 4 page, double spaced, 12 Font, report. Use the following questions to guide you in writing your report. Max. of 4 hours for one report. You may only do this assignment once. NO PLAGIARISM- ALL REPORTS WILL BE REVIEWED & CHECKED.


  1.  What kind of museum is it?​

  2. What's the history of this museum?

  3. What interested you in this museum?

  4. What did you learn?

  5. What exhibits did you enjoy the most and why?

  6. Would you visit the museum in person? If so, what exhibits would you be most excited to see?



  • Wings of Eagles Ranch: This wonderful non-profit needs help with basic ranch tasks and tending to the community garden. They thank any volunteer willing to come help. Chores are done outside while practicing social distancing. If intrested, please contact 704-784-3147 or email them at                    WEBSTIE:

  • Meals on Wheels Needs Volunteers: Meals on Wheels delivers food to those in need. They are looking for volunteer drivers to deliver food to people's porches. No contact is needed. Please call them and visit there website below for more details. They will put the food in your car (no need to get out) and will give you a route. You place the food on the porch and can leave. Thank you for all your support! You can count up to a max. of 5 hours per time you volunteer.                           WEBSITE:

  • Visit the City of Kannapolis Non-Profits page: MClick on the link below to see a list on Non-profits you can donate, volunteer, or help in other ways. This can count towards your community service hours if recorded correctly on your log and signed off by a member of the organization. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your program coordinator.


community service options

The following are Community Service locations you may contact and ask for volunteer hours. It is completely up to the location if they will permit you to work with them. It is an opportunity to work with an organization, please be respectful and on time for each location.

If you have another location in mind or would like to know if a certain project can count as community service, please email or call your program coordinator to discuss. Thank you.

Community Service Guildlines
Alternative Options: Ages 15 or Less

* The 'Alternative Options' are ONLY for participants under 15. If you are over 16, please pick from the list below or try finding ways to complete community service at an organization.

** If you are having trouble, please contact your program coordinator.

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