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Juvenile Community Service

and Restitution

Barry White

Conflict Resolution Center of Cabarrus County has offered our Juvenile Community Service and Restitution (JCSR) Program since 2013. An incredible collaboration of CRC and over ten local non-profits, such as Boys & Girls Club, Share the Harvest Community Farm, and Habitat for Humanity ReStore, the JCSR Program provides the framework by which juvenile offenders can meet their court-ordered community service and restitution requirements.


Participants referred to this program are transported to and supervised at local non-profit worksites, receiving credit for their community service hours. In cases where restitution is owed, CRC pays $7.25 directly to the victim for every hour of community service work. The benefits of the program to our community is immeasurable—victims receive the restitution owed to them, local non-profits have volunteers to work on mission-related assignments, and participants are able to come out from under the supervision of the court.

Additionally, through their community service, participants learn the benefits of a good work ethic, gain valuable work experience, and begin to develop character-building attributes, such as responsibility, honesty, organization, gratitude, respect, tolerance, and humility. By working with our Program Coordinator, personnel at the community service work sites and other youth, participants learn skills to improve their relationships with both authority figures and their peers. Participants are able to provide reparation for their negative actions, a crucial step in repairing their relationship with and restoring their position in our community.



(704) 786-1820 EXT. 3


Take the elevator up to the third floor and knock on the third door on the right-hand side labeled, "Teen Court" and inform then you are here to see Mr. White for community service.