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Our Vision

& Mission

Confronting Conflict.

Creating Opportunities.

Empowering Youth.

Conflict Resolution Center's Vision is to be our community's primary resource for identifying solutions to and creating opportunities from conflict.

We work to help strengthen the foundation of our community by resolving conflicts and disputes. We encourage our youths by giving them a second chance when they make mistakes. We inform people of alternatives to the Court system to help them through the court process.

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The Conflict Resolution Center of Cabarrus County is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Established in 1994, Cabarrus County was still at its beginning stages as a county. Seeing a need to provide services to the growing community, CRC has been dedicated ever since to helping individuals and companies resolve disputes through different services and programs.


CRC also works hand in hand with the court system to help people reconcile their differences, therefore reducing the caseload in our courts.  Some of the services include mediation and different programs at the center. We provide additional resources for humanitarian agencies, the courts, and school systems to promote a more unified and supportive community. 


While mediation plays a big role at the center, there are various other programs that give support to individuals, older ones, parents, children, and teens. Teen Court has helped well over 150 teens in the Cabarrus County area and it keeps growing! To learn more about each program and if you are interested in volunteering, youth and adult,  click below!

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