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Anissa Jones

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Anissa Jones

The Conflict Resolution Center is proud to offer our Teen Court Program to Cabarrus County, established in 2002! Teen Court reproduces the experience of an actual courtroom, allowing first-time juvenile offenders to be tried by their peers. Teen Court demonstrates the creative, positive outcomes of community collaboration and problem-solving.

Teen Court empowers our community’s youth to take an active role in addressing crime in their area and attracts youth who are interested in pursuing a career in the law or criminal justice. Teen volunteers work with real court professionals to ensure an accurate understanding of the responsibilities inherent to their position in Teen Court. Teen volunteers begin their service acting as jurors, and can train for other positions, such as jury foreperson, clerk, bailiff, and attorney. 


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Get to know our new

Teen Court Coordinator!

Anissa Jones

Hi Everyone, I'd like to introduce myself to everyone as the new Teen Court Coordinator. My name is Anissa Jones. I'm looking forward to helping our youths achieve their goals and gain some more self-confidence along the way. Teen Court is a program that I'm very passionate about and I'm excited to be a part of with you! Youth need second chances, but with the right people and tools, they can move forward towards a brighter future. I'm here to answer any questions, help our community's youth to the fullest, and be a listening ear if you need any extra guidance. 


I've been living in this county for over 18 years. I'm a proud UNCC graduate and all 3 of my boys have graduated from Cabarrus County High Schools. Personally, having 3 boys of my own, I know first hand what raising 3 teens is like and how wonderful it is to have programs that care for our youth. 

I'm looking forward to meeting all the parents, youth, SRO's, and the rest of the community at Teen Court!






(704) 786-1820 Ext. 4

Take the elevator up to the THIRD floor of the Cabarrus County Courthouse.

Teen Court office is the THIRD door on the right-hand side. All 3 doors on the right are apart of the Conflict Resolution Center.

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