ways to

give back

When you give, we can keep giving back to our community TOGETHER!

"No act of kindness, no matter how small,

is ever wasted."


Smiling Teenage Boy

Your gift allows us to provide water & snacks for community service, gas for teen transportation, and purchase entrance tags for teens entering our Shoplifting Prevention class.

Students on a Break

Your recurring gift helps us provide for the youth long term who practice there attorney skills and public speaking in Teen Court. It helps support our programs that keep giving a second chance for change.



Helps provide water & snacks for our community service program. 

Especially during the hot summer days- the teens will be very grateful for your support!


Keeps our gas tank full for our teens to safely be picked up and back home from community service who don't have means of transportation.


Gives our Shoplifting and Prevention program the tools needed to teach the importance of valuing our community and local businesses while providing essential information for those who truly are in need.


We understand hard times come to all- let's do something about it together.