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S.T.O.P stands for Shoplifting Theft Offender Program. This is a mediation program that allows participants who have been approved by the court to complete requirements in order to gain a dismissal. A dismissed case allows someone to not have a guilty plea on their records, allowing the person to lessen the harm caused by a Larceny Charge on their record.

This program has allowed many to learn more about the consequences of shoplifting and the effects it causes on big and small businesses. We have had many success stories and have heard many people of different ages reasons as to why they chose to shoplift or how they were involved. We are wholehearted believers in the saying 'Live and Learn' and want to give the chance to learn from mistakes made.

We begin by setting up an appointment with the individual and going through the assignments they will have to complete in order to be granted a dismissal. This appointment can last between 20-45 minutes, depending on what needs to be discussed. We take time to listen to each case and determine together if any added support is needed or what can be done differently to avoid this from happening again. Afterward, the individual will be given all the information needed to start the process. All work must be completed and turned in for verification at our center.

Communication is key and we provide many opportunities for people to talk with us regarding the work assignments, if they're having trouble coping with the charge, or if they need more help to complete the requirements. Please feel free to contact us for more information or if interested in this program for yourself or someone you know. We will be happy to send more information and answer any questions.

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There are general assignments that need to be completed in this program. They begin AFTER the first appointment with the coordinator.  You may NOT begin on assignments before the initial appointment. They will not be counted towards your dismissal if dated before your appointment.

Some of these assignments include:

Community Service, Tests, Workshops, and other requirements that are talked about during the appointment. 

If you can not find your paperwork and can not remember what your assignments were, please contact me through phone or email for a copy. Please remember that we are available to help you when you feel stuck or can't find community service. Asking is better than giving up and waiting until the last minute.

Feel free to reach me at (704) 786-1820 ext. 1 or

community service

Part of the responsibility of working towards a dismissal is going out into the community and providing volunteer services. We offer different options as to what you can do or where you can go. Something that is explained in the appointments is the importance of respect. Each business will determine individually if they will allow you to volunteer with them. Different projects and options are provided on our website. If there is something you see that interests you and you would like to volunteer with, please call and ask. We will need to review the location with you to see if it's appropriate and acceptable.

Please click on the button for different community service sites. Read each one carefully as to where it is located. We have added locations from Concord, Kannapolis, Charlotte, and surrounding areas so that something will be available close to where you live.

Feel free to reach me at (704) 786-1820 ext. 1 or

If you need a new COMMUNITY SERVICE LOG, click the button.


Once a month the S.T.O.P Program holds a one day workshop. You will learn more about the effects of shoplifting to big and small businesses, as well as, how it can affect you in the long run for future careers and jobs. Coping with stress, anxieties, or peer pressure is very important in avoiding a charge like this again. Only because you were charged once, doesn't make you a criminal, but learning what your stresses are or what causes that urge to shoplift is very important for your future.

Everyone who attends is there for the same charge of Larceny, so no judgment on the difference of offenses. We sign confidentiality and keep all information confidential to provide a comfortable setting for everyone. Examples, experiences, and reviews help everyone learn at there own pace with the instructor's guidance.   

The workshop is currently being held at the Cabarrus County Courthouse and begins at 9:00 AM and ends depending on the class size, typically between 1-2 pm. This is held once a month. If you want to know when you are scheduled to attend, please contact the coordinator. This information was shared with you on the day of your appointment, you may also refer back to your paperwork.

Feel free to reach me at (704) 786-1820 ext. 1 or


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Q: How long does this process take?

A: If your case is going through court, your attorney will have to fill out a form requesting information on your case and permissions to enroll. Once they have gathered all the information, they turn back into the court and they have to approve the case. This may take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months. It depends on how many cases are pending and when it will be reviewed. Once approved, it is then put into our box to call and set up and appointment with you. Everything else following this depends on you and how quickly you can turn in the assignments and when the next class is available. We typically see participants complete the program between 2-3 months. 

Q: How can I check on the status of my case?

A: You can call the coordinator directly and ask what assignments are left to complete. You can also email me to ask what the status of your work is.

Q: What if I can't come to the S.T.O.P Workshop?

A: If you can't make the workshop you were assigned to, please call us and let us know. We will then give you the date for the next workshop available. Remember, the workshops are only ONCE a month. We understand that things may come up, but please be sure that it's an absolute emergency or you're unable to make it.


Q: What if I am late for the workshop?

A: If you are arriving late, please be sure to call us immediately and inform us how late you may be. If you exceed 45 minutes, we will ask you to attend the next session.

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Online Payments
Pay your enrollment fees online!
NOTE* There is a $6.00 charge from PayPal & Clerk of Court when doing online transactions. If you wish to avoid this, please set up an appointment to pay in person.



Estefany Mejia

(704) 786-1820 ext. 1

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